Detailing – SBH architecten+adviseurs Arnhem – 2009


During my internship I assisted in making details for a new building with 33 places for geriatric psychiatry in Nijmegen.  This was very interesting, because I think the details give the facade of this project a unique appearance. I worked in the DO and Bouwaanvraag phase.

Because of future needs the clinics floor plan is flexibel. Eldery people live together in groups of 11 clients. They share a living room and kitchen, but have their own room and badroom.

Typical for the new building is the informal soft appearance at the trees side. On this side the living room and kitchen are located and have big facade openings to make a better connection with the nature outside and bring sunlight in. The main entrance is also located at this soft side. Its very visible through its different shape and is introduced by a slope. The facade is made of vertical Plato wood elements, but also gets a subtle horizontal line through the slightly different position of the wooden elements on every floor.
The other side of the building has a more formal appearance, what makes sense because it is the logistic side. Its facade is made of concrete elements glued in a strict pattern.