Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Master project, home for an artist at the Wadden Sea, 2011

In the architecture studio ‘Striving for Imperfection’ I designed an artists home in the North of The Netherlands at the Wadden Sea. The building will be used by a creative individual to inspire them. As the title of the studio already says it’s all about striving for imperfection. You can think of Wabi Sabi, it represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered around the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Objects that are used and tattered have a personal and unique character what the Japanese appreciate.

Japanese people value ceremonies and focuss on the process of an activity. I wanted the building to shape itself after the activities of the artist who will live in the building. The building should adapt to the daily routine of a creative person who wants to live in an inspiring environment. I divided the program in four compositions, which alternately are directed to the environment (extrovert) and to the artist (introvert), to boost his creativity. First the artist gets inspiration through walking the path towards the building (extrovert), afterwards he can rethink his experiences and ‘meditate’ (introvert). Now his mind is clear again and he can start to ‘create’. in an inspiring environment (extrovert) again. When he’s finished it’s time to relax without distractions from outside (introvert).

The rough and pure atmosphere of the Wadden Sea returns in my design. By materialism and building shapes I strengtened the atmosphere of the elongated, bare, untameable landscape. Exposure from materials (like the combination of steel and concrete) to the extreme weather situations causes decline, like rust, which gives the building an ‘imperfect’ appearance.