Architecture project, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Renovation of an old school building, 2010

During my internship in 2009 at SBH architecten + adviseurs in Arnhem I made a model of the location of a school building. This building is going to be renovated, the program was at this stage not clear so the only thing I did during my internship for this project was producing material to show the existing situation of the school. When I visited the old building I was intrigued by its appearance and got some ideas about what to do with the building in my head. After I finished the internship I designed a grand cafe next to the existing building and created a museum in the old school.

The Corten Steel façade of the café will also be seen in the old interior of the school building. This way the authentic school gets a modern touch without destroying the existing building. The connection with the new café and the old school is made of glass. One façade of the existing building is in the new situation transformed into a complete glass façade to get a lot of daylight entrance and make it a more pleasant space to be in.